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    Dr. Vyselaar (lead cardiologist of Lions Gate Hospital) used the words 'brutal...terrible' to describe medical staff's heinous mistreatment of a young patient during a 4 day period in the Royal Jubilee Hospital cardiac ward in Victoria BC in 2015. Dr. Vyselaar and the esteemed interventional cardiologist Dr. Deepak Natarajan confirmed that Dr. Anthony Della Siega performed a hazardous, non-consensual cardiac procedure, which inevitably injured a young patient's aortic valve, resulting in acute circulatory and total organ failure (heart, lung, liver and kidney). They confirmed that medical staff prevented the dying patient from receiving emergency surgery for 4 days after, by surreptitiously claiming that the patient was 'stable', and that his acute breathlessness, nausea and incapacitation was the 'product of a psychiatric disorder'. Dr. Anthony Della Siega denied performing this very non-consensual procedure for 4+ years, until his medical billing records were exposed during a BC Government medical billing investigation in 2019. The former Health Professions Review Board panel chair/Vancouver medical malpractice lawyer Bob Kucheran suggested that Dr. Vyselaar's findings warranted a criminal investigation. However, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC and its subject physicians continue to try and dismiss what transpired as the 'product of a psychiatric disorder'. Dr. Natarajan described the College's claims as 'nonsense, ridiculous, stupid, gibberish and absolute rubbish', in a recent taped consult. Dr. Natarajan said that the Royal Jubilee Hospital cardiac ward staff were 'playing with fire', with respect to the catastrophic, non-consensual, undisclosed cardiac procedure, also described by Dr. Vyselaar. As grimly noted by Dr. David Harrison, Dr. Paul Novak had 'done this before'...this was just another day at the office.

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