Africa Blood and Guts (Africa Addio)

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    This is the re-dub into English of the 1966 Italian film AFRICA ADDIO, which unflinchingly documented the destruction and desecration that followed the deliberate dismantling of colonial Africa and the take-over of power by the Negroes in those countries on the African continent built with European sweat equity and ingenuity. Brutal truths about the nature of sub-Saharan Africans and the relationship between them and the White builders of African countries are revealed, that today's Judeo-Marxist power structure seeks to keep hidden.

    Let it stand as a warning to all who believe that multiculturalism and the imposed "empowerment" of non-Whites in White countries is "progressive" or "enlightened" or beneficial in any way.

    Books on Race, Genetics, and Intelligence:

    Public video - 02:07:54

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