A Disappointing Sermon About Jesus' Teachings (by @I'll Be Honest)

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    Try to find a sermon about Jesus' teachings on YouTube, and you'll encounter the same excuses again and again, telling you how we don't need to obey what Jesus taught. Such is the case with this sermon by Tim Conway from @I'll Be Honest. The goal with this critique (and other similar critiques on this channel) is to get you to see how people twist Jesus' words to make him say almost the opposite of what he really said. Once you can see it, you need to make a decision to either follow Jesus, or to follow an imposter. Which will you choose? What We Need to Do to Be Saved (Romans 10 Bible Study) https://youtu.be/QfLGCCmk3FQ TO CONTACT: Email avidmoderator1@gmail.com

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