Ernst Zundel tried to warn them

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    Guys like this were arresting and imprisoning Ernst Zundel, decades ago, when he was trying to save them from what is now upon us. They ignored him. They victimised him. They criminalised him. They arrested and imprisoned him in solitary confinement for 5 years. And now the same people he was trying to 'wake up' are complaining THEY are being censored and victimised! Oh the hypocrisy. Everyone imagines they are the 'victim', and NEVER define themselves as 'perpetrator'.
    Interesting that he says the Canadian constitution does NOT allow for 'emergency measures' of the kind 'mandated', no matter WHAT the alleged emergency. So surely by now people MUST realise Ernst Zundel was right. That they have been living under a Zionist Occupation Government. They have been occupied by the cult of judah. Remember Zionists are the fake Jews, because real 'Jews' are still waiting for their 'Messiah' to come, and only THEN were they meant to return to Israel. This is NOT REAL JEWS. It is the CULT OF JUDAH, the Pharisees / Kohenim that Israel's greatest King ever, King Herod the Great, tried to exterminate. Some escaped, occupied Babylon, then returned to occupy Israel, and since then gone on to occupy the entire world.

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