Dr. Paul Novak,Anthony Della Siega,Victoria Schmid,Eric Ooms VPD: Non-consensual, undisclosed cardiac procedures

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    On Feb 16th 2015, Dr. Anthony Della Siega invoiced the BC Government for a procedure he denied performing, and that Dr. Novak denied arranging, after an unsuspecting patient reported shortness of breath at rest as a result of it.

    Dr. Vyselaar discovered this undisclosed cardiac procedure, based in part on clinical findings omitted from the patient's medical notes. He confirmed that the formerly complication free was expected to die as a result.

    Eric Ooms from the Victoria Police Department threatened to arrest the patient, after he reported these very findings during a taped phone call.

    In March 2019, Dr. Siega finally admitted to performing another undisclosed procedure, after the commencement of an ongoing BC Government billing integrity investigation.

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