Lethal Vindictive Lunatic jewish supremacist California-sanctioned Anti-White State Terrorist!

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    This content was fetched from bitchute.com on 09 October 2022

    A certain former Caltrans District 3 Employee's life is very much IN DANGER with VERY REAL CREDIBLE THREATS of violence, ZOG police "GAY-OPS", and nefarious stalking OF THE VICTIM FORMER EMPLOYEE through application of the jew CLETS California-wide internal police computer system (massive California ZOG internal Facebook) to prey-upon and hunt-down, on his life for the next 5 years, all due to this Anti-White lunatic jewish supremacist repulsive creature mentioned herein:
    California-licensed attorney and Deputy Attorney with California Department of Justice EMILY ROSE MAIA NAHAN-KROTKI date-of-birth 09/04/1984, AGE 38 [California Bar ]
    ALSO-KNOWN-BY routinely-permitted fraudulent alias of "Emily Nahan" FORGED and used on all official California state documents!
    When you KNOWINGLY, FRAUDULENTLY, and MALICIOUSLY prey-upon and DISARM no-crimimal-record-ever innocent lone White people with no immediately-perceived advocacy or support groups, and of whom are also Honorably-Discharged Prior Active-Duty U.S. Military Veterans, then it most CERTAINLY is a problem, and YOU NEED to be appropriately DISBARRED and PUT IN PRISON!!
    YOU are actively trying to promote the former employee's premature un-natural death for the next 5 years and WISH HIM DEAD, you worthless foaming-at-the mouth RABID semitic crimimal trash kike cunt!!

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