INTCAS Turkey Rape Victims Speak Out Against INTCAS CEO

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    This video reveals the story of a women activist who raped by Zakaria Mahmood, INTCAS CEO and his fraudulent criminal gang in Istanbul, Turkey. This shocking video shows how INTCAS human smugglers and Zakaria Mahmood who called Zack, INTCAS CEO, fool and deceive desperate poor people to get to their dirty intentions. This sexually assaulted and raped woman reveals more details about how they wanted to do criminal human traffic arrangements. As it’s mentioned in the video they did their dirty work in Istanbul, Turkey. Unfortunately, Turkey and Pakistan are becoming INTCAS new base after its new raised funding. We in INTCAS review website will publish things people have kept in quite for years due to their fears and intimidation by INTCAS staff. We hope everyone will be informed about this human rights issue and stop these illegal actions by low life criminals like Zakaria Mahmood which are against women’s fundamental rights.

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