Cyber-Attack SHTF - 7-9-2021

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      WARNING: Bitchute has disabled my uploading capabilities. is offline!!!
      The Power Grid will soon explode, along with all the internet transmitters. Good Luck.
      We Do Not Consent.
      There are no actual Humans on Earth. You are all part chimp Android Slave Clones created by actual Humans.
      We Do Not Consent.
      Blueprints For Zapper:
      For those of you having trouble with the Zapper frequency file on pcloud, here is an alternate download link:
      There are at least, 116, active, nuclear power facilities in the continental United States.
      If The EMP destroys the cooling systems' circuitry, all the reactors will explode within a few hrs.
      This will permanently poison any unshielded food, water, and livestock exposed.
      ALERT: is offline!!! Agenda 2030 is Active. The Black Dust is Coming!
      90% of all Humans on Earth will be exterminated by The Black Dust!!!
      . This is my final transmission. Good Luck, Humans.
      Download my entire channel using this!!!:
      Greetings, Humans!!! As Humans, we realize that the information contained on this channel is important to you. Therefore, if the Grey Aliens decide to delete this channel, like they did our previous one, you can find us on
      Veto Social:
      or, if the EMP goes off and destroys industrialized society forever, you can listen to my voice forever, on my audio recordings of
      Subtle 2 Sheeple:
      We Do Not Consent.
      Professional Solar Power Bank:;;psc=1
      Solar LED Lanterns:;;psc=1
      EMP Shielded USB Heaters:
      USB Air Conditioner!!!:;;psc=1
      35800mah Solar Bank:;;psc=1
      Flashlight/Arc Lighter:;;psc=1
      Lithium Generator:;;psc=1
      30W Solar Panel:;;psc=1
      Cables For Generator:
      60W Solar Panel:
      3 Panel Solar Charger:
      5 Panel Solar Charger:;;psc=1
      USB HAM Radios!!!:;;rm=true
      Mandatory Vaccination is Not Legal or Lawful, and is Treasonous Action Taken by The American Government Against Its Own Citizens.
      Treason Will Not Be Tolerated.
      The COVID Vaccine Will Contain The Zombie Virus.
      We Do Not Consent.
      Please Remember, that ANY devices using circuit boards MUST be shielded from EMPs and CMEs using Basic Orgone Energy Technology.
      Survival Cloudbuster Text Instructions:
      Survival Cloudbuster in ALL Languages!!!:
      Print Out Physical Copies of The Survival Technology Instructions and Keep Them in a Safe Place along with pens and paper, so you can show others how to make this technology, after an EMP Event. The Survival Technology can be created using very rudimentary, scavenged, materials, if necessary.
      Foreign Language HAARP Instructions:
      Smart Gun Patent:
      Spying on Private Citizens because they said the word Nephilim on a Conspiracy website is Not Legal or Lawful, and is Treasonous Action Taken by The American Government Against Its Own Citizens.
      Treason Will Not Be Tolerated.
      Download The United States Constitution!!!:
      Download The Bill of Rights!!!:
      Did You Know, That A HAARP Transmitter Can Instantly Drain All Power From Any Nearby UFOs?
      We Must Immediately Pump ALL Underground Bases Full of Toxic Pesticide.
      Did You Know, that 83 Species of Weird Alien Fucks Are Eating Your Corpses?
      We Do Not Consent.

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