Appeal to Australian freedom activists, anti-lockdown activists, freedom of speech activists etc

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    PLEASE TAKE ME SERIOUSLY , this a personal appeal to you and any other Australian activists...I am willing to go to prison, and it will be for life, after sacrificing everything else beforehand...but to make it 'pay' i.e be productive and achieve anything, I need the support of you, and anyone else you can that when I return we have a plan already set in motion, and thoroughly prepared to 'milk' the situation for all it is worth a.k.a 'I'll be your Huckleberry' claim no Australians will make such sacrifices...well here I have ignored me to date...will you keep ignoring me? You didn't prepare for your court appearance etc and didn't get to prepare as you would have liked...this time you can prepare...I will be the proxy through which you can 'do it right this time'...MARKUSREHBACH AT YAHOO.COM AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN living in exile...but preparing to return as an activist, and spend the rest of my life in prison as a political dissident / thought take advantage of this opportunity...and anyone else out there, any activists, or people seeking someone to rally around, who is willing to be a martyr for truth, justice, and liberty, contact me, and spread the word

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