Christopher Cross "Think of Laura" 🎙️Siahara Shyne Carter  🎼🎶

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    My third Veto video for the day! I know this is a sad song 💔 I hope I ease the pain by singing. 💖 Full lyrics below  

    Think of Laura / Christopher Cross
    Every once in a while
    I'd see her smile
    And she'd turn my day around
    A girl with those eyes
    Could stare through the lies
    And see what your heart was saying

    Think of Laura but laugh don't cry
    I know she'd want it that way
    When you think of Laura laugh don't cry
    I know she'd want it that way

    A friend of a friend
    A friend till the end
    That's the kind of girl she was
    Taken away so young
    Taken away without a warning

    I know you and you're here
    In everyday we live
    I know her and she's here
    I can feel her when I sing

    Hey Laura, where are you now
    Are you far away from here
    I don't think so
    I think you're here
    Taking our tears away

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