Christian Testimony - Why I Came Back To The United States After 3 Years

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    When I was 18 years old I quit my job, forsook my possessions, left my home state, family and friends, and set off to serve Jesus Christ. After 6 months of preaching in the United States, I set off to Africa in order to preach the gospel there. After 2 years in Africa, 3 months in the Phillipines, 2 weeks in South Africa, I cam back to the United States. A place I never thought I would return to. The question on everybody mind was/is why? Why did I come back after all this time? This video answers that question and concludes with a mini-sermon on what it means to truly believe something. The main message is NOT about me, but about the message I want to share through my life and through my testimony. Naturally, sharing my testimony will put the spotlight on me, but what I want you to get from it is the lessons that God showed me through my life in the hopes for each of you watching this video to be inspired to set out and serve God full-time yourself. God Bless You All.

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