Covid Cult all about debt slavery and teaching us we are mere cattle

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    14 subscribers TO STOP GOING MAD, CHECK OUT SERIOUSLY FUNNY COMEDIANS LIKE THIS GUY, ALL VERY INTELLECTUAL / CRITICAL ETC ... HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS CHANNEL FOR FULL LYRICS USE LINK Oh my lit-tle fool-ish ones You fool-ish ones Will you wake up In Time Co-ron-a The nar-a-tives a cle-ver one A cle-ver one And now its just a ma-ter Of time(cymbal crash) La-la-la L ie Cor-on-a They're ne-ver gon-na stop Ne-ver stop Now they've got the po-wer Ne-ver give it up Give it back When did a tyr-ant e-ver LIES LIES LIES LIES LIE WAKE UP It's just a lie cor-o-na A nar-a-tive to Ter-ri-fy Get up and DE-FY cor-o-na Cor-o-na It's ne-ver gon-na stop E-ven when you take Bill's shot They'll just keep push-in' the plot New se-quels Ex-tend the sea-son Of lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, What's new

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