Finally got my head around the idea of one monad, and its multiplicities

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    N.B SEEMS TODAY IN THIS LIBRARY MASKS OPTIONAL...BUT for next time, and for you, if you put a loose elastic around your head, over your nose, then loop any hankerchief around it, to form a triangle, then you can cover your face, as shown, without limiting your breathing much at all, as it is OPEN at the bottom...but your face is still covered...the elastic is an improvement as I had to keep my head up to keep the original on my face, but with an old elastic from a fleece pullover, it now rests perfectly on the bridge of my nose, and lets fresh air get in from ABOVE my nose and BELOW my nose....someone is asking me to wear a mask right now...library makes me wear a mask, so I tried out lots of things, and a handkerchief tied into a triangle just overs my face without having any impact on my breathing...waiting to see if anyone complains, but in theory should meet all the 'official' requirements...though of course the cult of judah is all about total conformity to random 'laws', as a sign of total submission in their I expect someone, sooner or later, will raise some 'complaint' against my response...though as you see it covers the face...but try it and see for yourself, that it just feels like something on your nose, but otherwise you breathe completely freely, because there is no restriction in air flow under your nose...just have to keep holding my head high, in contempt, so it stays up...when I drop my head it tends to slide is only held up by a little pressure, which is the idea...the minimal fabric and breathing restriction consistent with the 'law'...though seriously thinking it is time for me to leave this plane-et...if it has come so far that I am forced to not just self-censor, but become an active accomplice to this terrorist campaign called 'covid'.... really NOT worth living if forced to become complicit in the greatest crime ever attempted on this plane-et, since the youger dryas impact

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