Covid Taliban's burkha is the facemask, and it serves the same purposes

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    14 subscribers Face masks are the Covid Taliban's 'burkha', serving the same purposes...that of control, and the dramaturgical / NLP function of reinforcing the FALSE impression of a health threat, and thus a PSYOPs role (Psychological warfare role) of reinforcing the propaganda, and the TERROR, thus crippling the public's ability to reason critically...any time terror is included in 'information' the public is biased in favor of what they are promised will 'protect' them from the thing they are told to racket 101, Psyops 101, propaganda 101, Cult of Judah playbook 101...and of course REFERENDUM on censorship...and 'fact checking' monopolies...i.e letting PRIVATE corporations 'fact check' and anyone censor anyone...stop information being freely available...stop victimisation of whistle blowers at least THREE main things...referendum on 'extending states of emergency / declaring war', censorship, and holding politicians legally contractually obligated to do what they say they plan to do, and what the public gave them a MANDATE TO do...when voting for them ... all simple, democratic things no-one should have a problem with...if they believe in democracy,in government by the people for the people otherwise there is NO real we have seen recently, are seeing NOT A SINGLE nation has asked the PEOPLE what THEY want to do...just TOLD them to do shit...and punish them if they won't..

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