Are there well respected telemarketing positions? Inside BS Show guest Richard Blank

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    Dave Lorenzo:  Richard there's, there's two, uh, two questions that stand out for me before, before we finish up that I have to ask you about. And the first is, do you think because, um, because being, uh, being a, um, being an associated call center, being a rep at a call center in Costa Rica is a noble good, uh, well respected profession.

    Dave Lorenzo: Is there less call reluctance? Is there, is there less hesitancy? uh, among folks in that culture, whether it's the culture of the country or the culture you've created in your call center, is there less hesitancy for the reps to get on the phone and to do business on the phone? Cause one of the things I find here is 2030 year executives.

    Dave Lorenzo: When I tell them, Hey, listen, you got, you know, an inquiry just came in. You need to see what it's like to talk to people on the front lines. I want you to call these customers, call these five customers on the phone. The executives are like, you, you want me to do what you want me to do? Like there's, there's tremendous call reluctance among people, you know, even at the senior levels of a company, if they haven't had any interpersonal interaction or if there hasn't been interpersonal interaction over the years, In all your experience at call centers, have you been able to, to create a culture where it's just normal to pick up the phone and you know, can't, I can't wait to call people.

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