Composite video I finally got uploaded (well I hope that as I am writing this!)

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    This is as clear as I can make it, without screen-capture programs, but I think it is simple enough. The main thing is to have no fear of viruses etc, as there is nothing to harm your computer in any way in this folder
    any vid of me talking from now on will have to be in low resolution, as it takes hours to upload in a reasonable resolution...hours sitting in the hallway... I really have to start just writing notes again, and letting people read them if they choose... I made a vid on 'Long Covid' which is too important NOT to upload, and the SEVEN (again that number) logic gate configurations that ALL A.I is ultimately based on ... It has not made any difference what sort of video I make (within my strict limitations) in terms of numbers of views etc ... and if no-one can or will download all these vids they will disappear at any moment ... and if you think not, then remember I got one of the first life time bans on all Google Products, over 5 years ago, and already this channel is NOT available in most places in the world ... so I have to start writing again...amassing volumes of notes as usual, that no-one will read...but at least I will go through the process of trying to express my ideas, and EX-press IM-pressions (very healthy to do this in a constructive-generative way rather than the typical neurotic-destructive ways) etc etc etc ...sort of a diary, no idea where anyone gets off complaining about anything people like me do, or do not rewards us, we get punished from start to finish, in every aspect of our lives... then people think I should give a shit if they do not like that I do not wear a shirt? Or complain about my computer generated voice? I guess just TROLL-BOTs etc... but I guess people have NO idea what sort of lives people like me end up having to endure for the sake of this I cannot complain they do not understand or comprehend...especially the ones not especially bright in the intelligence department ! and lacking in the experience department...and even the compassion department... I will try to get this vid uploaded, then remember, next time I reach for my phone, to instead turn on my laptop and open notepad...and if it is not worth typing-writing, then it is probably not worth sitting in the hall for hours in the heat and cold with crazy people wandering around etc, while the little food I have goes bad in my room because I have to keep the door and windows closed, i.e breeze and cold water from the tap is my only refrigeration...and the food is already beyond its use-by-date i.e dumpster diving, garbage, etc Maybe this will break my narcissistic imaginary delusion that what I have to add to the discourse, especially in the form of questions, is valuable to anyone other than myself, and one or two others, perhaps... nothing at all that could justify the hours of work, frustration, migraines, etc stress etc that go into my channel... I wonder if anyone will watch even a fraction of all these videos anyway, and more than enough for several of most other peoples lifetime when it comes to how much time they are willing to devote to understanding TROONATNOOR...I am writing as I am literally only at 55% and bored etc
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