How do you develop sales people? BUILD & BALANCE SHOW guest Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center.

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    Michael Neuendorff: How, how do you, how do you develop sales? People who are relatively green to become someone that is effective at following your methods and processes? That, what, what, what do you look for in salespeople to know that I'm working with someone who could be great? 

    Michael? Those are my favorite agents to.

    I can mold them. They're not coming in with bad habits. They're coming in bilingual, which shows such education for them. I get to be their first coach, if it's their first call center, telemarketing job, but let's go through it in three stages. If we may, the first one is the psychological stage. I have to let them know that fear is a morbid anticipation of something that hasn't happened yet.

    Just in my own instance, just by these agents being bilingual and myself, once again, it shows dedication and structure. So they've done something very difficult. If I can properly prepare them and put them on a level playing field with all of the resources, such as a proper script. Rebuttals training in the CRM, in the system, how to use their phone system, doing quality assurance, which is QA support, where we go through, we call them KPIs, which are key performance indicators.

    So we can just see their consistency. Trust me, everybody. It's a test. You can easily pass. The points that I give are for the soft skills. We just judge you to ask their email address and mention your information. I don't do that. I, I concentrate on the ACEs. I, I expect you to do that. That's what I'm paying you to do.

    Richard Blank: What I want you to do when you're in class is to once again, relax and realize that this could be something that could pay more than most vocations. And the fact that you have a Thor. And you should expand your vocabulary. So instead of using words like help, my suggestion would be to use in this specific order would be assist guide or lend a hand, same message, different delivery.

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