Denial is deliberate, but most self-censorship is not-conscious self-protection we are oblivious to

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    I have discussed this topic several times in my books and videos, in different contexts, but it is the basis of conventional classical Freudian Psychoanalysis and also Scientology ... both seek to offer a safe place to 'audit' our own 'experiences' of things, to PROCESS impressions and find a way to EXPRESS them, and void the typical Neuroses and associated 'acting out' in irrational ways, and pscyho-somatic symptoms... the smartest people can be heard obliviously talking about the various official narratives, from 'Holocaust' to 'Covid', with absolutely no consciousness of what they are doing...but non-consciously their mind has recognised the DANGER of NOT believing, like a Heretic facing being burned alive at the stake, might suddenly 'find Jesus' and find all the Catholic dogma suddenly 'compelling'...simply to save the organism from destruction...something to remember...Denial is where you KNOW what you believe is a lie. This more subtle psychological process is the organism attempting to protect itself from perceived threats, whether the Inquisition, or career suicide, or losing an income, i.e practical matters, or EMOTIONAL THREATS...some people pass out at the first sign of a threat, and this is obvious...this level of 'passing out' leaves the person upright and appearing to be functioning normally, but the not-conscious mind has identified a threat and decided NOT to process it i.e TERROR OF THE TRUTH, THE EMOTIONALLY DEBILITATING TRAUMATIC TRUTH... few of us have the courage to face reality, and process it, and eXPRESS it, and thus escape neuroses, psycho-somatic symptoms-disease-illness, and the costs of submission, which in the past were limited to limited freedom and tithes, and being forced to fight in wars, but today means submission to kill shots, and injections that leave people facing fates WORSE than death , etc... what a philosopher does is AUDIT their beliefs continually, and face up to reality when it is uncomfortable etc, as a HABIT, strengthening the psyche, so it can PROCESS reality and EXPRESS it on an ongoing basis, rather than build up
    engrams etc ( a conventional idea L Ron Hubbard appropriated for his Scientology, then like all cults, demonised his source, so his thralls would never find out where he stole his ideas from etc
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