First Contact Podcast guest Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center Entrepreneur tips.

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    00:00 Intro / Richard Blank Presentation
    1:35 Fortune Favors the Brave: The beginning of a Call Center Journey
    3:14 People and moments that made you start your call center career
    5:04 How do you build a call center culture and grow call center agents
    08:03 Addressing conflicts within the call center**
    10:41 Adequate Training for Omnichannel Personalization
    13:54 The Engagement Toolkit to Fight Attrition
    17:05 Rhetoric and Phonetic Delivery: The Secret sauce of a Phone Call
    26:54 AD
    28:54 What Got Taken Away During COVID
    32:41 Old School Retro Gaming Turned Into Gamification
    38:40 The 30s Rule Technique
    42:22 Positive outcomes after Covid
    46:36 Keeping up with the team remotely
    48:47 Being an agent at the Costa Rica’s Call Center
    52:45 Looking forward into 2022
    54:42  Ending thoughts

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