Acorns to survive the winter. A philosophy for running your business. 

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    Richard Blank: Your potential is just limitless. You could do very well. 

    Louisiana Country Boy: Hey, that is, that, that is definitely, definitely amazing. You know, I I, and again, Richard, I, I applaud you. I, I keep applauding you for just your, your, again, your tenacity, but how you have and the culture. that you are creating have created. I mean, it ain't like you just started today over the years, and I know it was, I can just assume that it was something that you had to go in and slowly change or whatever it may have been.

    But you, you created this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful culture. 

    Richard Blank: Um, did it slow and steady. I started off working out of my home and I was renting a turnkey. Wow. I'd like a, a glorified internet cafe, no privacy, open floor plan C by C. Did that for a couple years. I, I wanted to reduce my risk. I wanna add enough capital.

    Then I rented out a place where I could put 150 stations, which I did the furniture in the server room. So I made that large investment. And then after so many years, I had enough money to build this 300 seat center. So it's the tortoise, not the hair. If you don't have money for. , you don't pay for it.

    Right? Right. And so I went very, very conservative. I also did it for the wi uh, the acorns for the winter philosophy because Covid set me back. And in 2010, I had a small setback as well, but I had enough reserves to weather that storm. I was responsible for the job stability and the payroll. And I also wanted to make sure to, in that I could ensure endurance.

    Yes. So that I could, I, I could beat. . And so sometimes people overextend themselves and that's when they get into trouble, right? So as much as you wanna see it as fancy dancing now my friends, it's very . 

    Louisiana Country Boy: Mm-hmm. . Slow and steady. Slow and steady. Well look rich, we are.

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