Catalonia, a case study in Jew World Order (illusory) democracy

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    In Jew World Order occupied 'Spain' it is officially a crime to VOTE democratically ... to even VOTE about whether you should have the RIGHT to vote ! Did the E.U do anything in support of freedom of expression and democracy? No! So you see the true nature of 'the beast'. The 'E.Jew'.Catalans wanted the right to a referendum on the question of independence...THAT is a CRIME?Consider 'the will of the people' Vs 'the Law', and what Jesus said about 'the law'.Who is 'the law?'. In both cases, Jesus, and Catalonia, it is the jew world order...the 'e.jew'...and the jew world order occupied 'Spain'...The President made it clear that 'the law' was his idol...NOT the 'will of the people' of Catalonia. He made it a criminal offfence even to DISCOVER what that will was, via a vote on whether or not Catalonia should hold a referendum on secession from 'Spain'.Spain's high court calls it an 'ILLEGAL' obvious does it have to be before you will realise that YOUR democracy is a joke...TRUE voting is 'ILLEGAL' in the jew world order...people beaten senseless and arrested for trying to organise apeaceful vote on whether to hold a referendum or not...The Jew World Order occupation government operating out of Madrid shut down the Catalonian's entire IT systems ... and websites...and phone apps...and then, in acts of brazen hooliganism, contempt for 'the people', and 'the will of the people', and 'democracy', they smashed in glass doors to ensure that 'the will of the people' might NOT be heard...If you are Catalonian, and don't see that your tax money is being spent on repressing you, making you a slave to the Jew World Order occupied 'Spanish' government, then what will wake you from you 'dogmatic slumbers'?ILLEGAL referendum? why? In what crazy topsy turvy, supposedly 'democratic' universe could it be considered illegal to peacefully organise politically?It would set a 'dangerous precedent' according to the Spanish President.The precedent of ??? Genuine, grass roots, democratic decision making !!!It would undermine 'the rule of law'?What does THAT say about 'the law', that 'rules'...rather than 'the people' !!!Until that 'President' declared the vote illegal, it was perfectly legal. So what does that say about 'the law'?How arbitrary can it get?They didn't even have to stage a 911 and murder thousands of people and blame it on Catalonia. THEY, the jew world order, just got their occupational government 'president' to arbitrarily, with absolute contempt and disregard for any notion of basic human rights, let along constitutional rights, declare 'the will of the people' to be 'criminal'.You see, folks, the urge to democracy is the new 'sin'. The new 'crime'. And YOU, if you dare demand the right to real democratic process, let alone due legal process, are automatically made a 'criminal'.Now you know what all those FEMA camps are for.The NEW CRIMINALS. The patriots. The Democrats. Those who thought democracy was for real. And not just a circus act.Just try to exercise your freedoms and rights, under your constitution, under the E.U laws, under international law, and how fast the Jew World Order 'police', 'The Feds', bring in a state of emergency...And to prevent WHAT exactly? People voting on whether or not to have a referendum? THAT is a problem? A 'crime'?? against WHOM?As Jesus condemned 'the Jews' of his day, 'the synagogue of satan', the 'children' of 'their father, satan', the jews are STILL fixated on their idolised 'LAW'. The Law that says YOU are mere cattle, and THEY are your rightful slave masters.So today the Spanish, German, Austrian, Jewnited States, ... jew world order occupational governments, are enforcing 'THE LAW'. If the will of the people opposes 'the law', then the people are automatically defined as 'criminals', just as in the Jew.S.S.R. Just as today in Germany and today in the Jewnited States of America.THAT is what the FEMA camps are for. THAT is what the 'STATE'S OF EMERGENCY' laws are for. THAT is what all those 'executive orders' are for. THAT is what 'holocaust denial' laws are for.Note that at same time that the Kurdish people have had their own internal vote for independence, which the Iraqui leadership have declared 'illegal' and 'criminal'... Kurdistan would be a new nation to the north of Syria, and present day Iraq...very suspicious that Israel supports the Kurds, as does the U.S appear to...and that now Iran and Iraq have announced joint military exercises, and Iran's leadership has made threatening remarks vis a vis the Kurds...which adds to my suspicions that Iran's leadership is really 'in on the deal' with the Jew World Order...But back to jew world order occupied Spain. The Spanish vice president defended the brutal violence of the Federal Spanish Police as in the 'defence of democracy' ???

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