A realistic percentage of reach for cold calling? Build & Balance guest Richard Blank

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    For that. Um, I recall a past client telling me that they'd only reach live people about three or 4% of the time when calling all day long. What do you think is a realistic percentage of reach for cold calling? 

    If all they're doing is speaking to these people like four times out of a hundred phone calls, it's really an Oasis in a desert.

    My opinion is why don't you hang out for a while instead of doing an average five minute phone call, why don't you stretch it to 15 minutes? Cuz you're probably a little cold and you need to warm up and somebody's there. These are two ships passing in the night we take advantage of that. If you need to throw your list in a predictive dollars, you can speak to at least three more people, but.

    That's not the point. The point is if you're doing these phone calls, I think you should slow down a little bit more and just take advantage of that. More people are doing omnichannel non-voice support. As you were mentioning, filling out forms, doing check. One of my clients has the same challenge.

    They're getting the 4%. So instead of doing 150 phone calls a day, they reduced it to about one 15. So as I mentioned before, they can find out a recent promotion or some sort of company culture. So when they're leaving their voicemail or they're sending that email template, it's really custom made and I've seen that yes.

    Phone call, area contact conversion ratio dropped a little. But then here's your advantage? Let's say you make another phone call back to these people. You're mentioning cold emails, not anymore. Michael. Now it's a warm email. because I've sent it. I could be following up on it, even if they haven't read it, but I might ask and I'm sure you like something from the email to at least try to anchor in there, but you could be doing a second, third or fourth touch approach to a client.

    Realize this is their pro. But I do believe by doing a little bit of due diligence research and seeing the one thing that the person loves the most and just mentioning it with them. It will give you a lot more mileage when you're speaking with the people. Yeah. I, 

    I, uh, think that's really smart, Richard.

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