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    The Orchestrion Project is an album by American guitarist Pat Metheny released as a double CD in early 2013 on the Nonesuch label following the release of a concert video with the same name in 2012. The album was recorded on tour following Orchestrion, Metheny's album from 2010 which used orchestrionic instruments. Pat Metheny went back to a 19th century concept when he constructed an Orchestrion and added 21th century technology so he could control the various instruments with his guitar. This double CD was recorded after he toured with the device. He mixed older compositions with new ones from the original Orchestrion CD. With The Orchestrion Project (Eagle Eye Media, 2012), Pat Metheny provided a detailed visual look into the workings of the guitarist's complex, custom-built conglomeration of instruments—triggered by pneumatics, solenoids and computer programs—that took this orchestral successor to the player piano (the first known version being the panharmonicon, in 1805) not just into a new century, but a new millennium.

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