Applying Whiteboard Wall Paint

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      How Long Does Quality Whiteboard Paint Take To Dry?

      Quality = Fast
      The great thing about quality whiteboard paint is the fast drying time from when it is applied to your surface, to the time you can write on it.

      Quality = 48 Hour Dry Time
      Using a high-end brand like ReMARKable whiteboard paint, you can write on your freshly painted surface just 48 hours after the application is complete.

      Water-Based Is Best
      The industry average dry time is 4-7 days for the low-end whiteboard paints. This fact has made the water-based premium whiteboard paint most desirable to companies concerned with how long their walls will be wet in the workplace.

      Slow Drying = Low-End
      Remember that slow drying times have absolutely no relation to better quality whiteboard paint. In fact, it's quite the opposite.






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