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    This covers a different scene from the other dance track. Fast speed GULAG dance track to move the White history of the Gulags off the book pages and into culture. The GULAG has to get into the popular conscience. Not just stay in books, which nobody reads anymore. Nobody has the time to watch a long, dragging, authentic, painfully slow, GULAG film.

    Music: Guiseppe Ottaviani

    All three Gulag films may be put to a dance track, each lasting over an hour of high speed footage. We need to dance and pound our White Survival history into our People. Make it part of our culture, our religion. Some at first will say it is sort of disrespectful and sacrilegious, not at all, there are many great upbeat music scores to religious music. Bach's harpsichord works are just some. In fact Christ's suffering and sacrifice for us on the Cross is a subject of wonderful and beautiful high-speed religious music from J.S. Bach..

    Public video - 00:00:40


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