5 Diplomatic phrases on telemarketing phone calls.

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    5 Diplomatic phrases on telemarketing phone calls.INspired INsider Podcast guest Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center

    Dr. Jeremy Weisz: Talk about different things on educating people with diplomatic phrases. I'd love to hear some examples because I think we could all, at least I could speak for ourselves, can always improve on customer support, whether it's spoken or written. And you had several, I heard you say several different versions, not just like, Can I help you?

    Dr. Jeremy Weisz: But there's other things that you tell people they could say that comes off really well, you know, really good as far as customer support in, in diplomatic. 

    Richard Blank: Well, not trying to correct a doctor, but I would initially say, How may I assist you , You know, so these are certain things I would replace the can to the May.

    Richard Blank: I'd replace the help with guide, assist or lend a hand instead of asking you to repeat something. I would say, Jeremy, for my clarification, was it C or 1, 2, 3? I would make sure to do a five to one name drop to pronoun. I would constantly saying, Your, your, your are. Does that make sense, Jeremy, at the end?

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