History is written by the winners, but who are the winners?

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    https://steemit.com/cultofjudaism/@troonatnoor/history-is-written-by-the-winners-but-who-are-the-winners USE ABOVE LINK FOR THE TRANSCRIPT...SORRY IT IS COMPUTER GENERATED...IF I GOT MORE SUPPORT I'D DO A WHOLE LOT OF LIVE RADIO ETC We've all heard that. History is written by the winners. It is written to justify their actions, including their own war crimes. To blame the war on the loser. As if the warnever would have happened if not for the 'losers' 'aggression' or other 'provocation'. That 'provocation' can and often is, simply abricated after the war. After years of wartime propaganda you can manufacture the most demonic of consensual realities regarding the defeated 'enemy'. At the start of the war most people are incredulous about the claims of their own wartime propaganda. By the end, after their brothers and sons begin returning in body bags, and the bombs start falling on women and children, the public are all too ready to believe anything they are told. No matter how totally absurd. Even if it defies all the laws of logic, chemistry, physics, and common sense. People want to hate the 'enemy', and blame them for the deaths. The destruction. The suffering and misery of war. No-one wants to blame themselves for having been so 'war hungry' and so stupid as to have willingly and actively become involved in the insanity of war. The 'enemy' was made into an enemy of the people, by that propgaganda. The people were brought to hate and despise and fear that 'enemy'. So anything you add to the wartime propganda will be readily accepted. The people suspect they were as much in the wrong as this 'enemy', and so will be keen to have their own consciences soothed by propaganda long after the war is over, and that propaganda, for all intents and purposes, has been revealed to have been lies and deception, and even admitted to have been, by those who had produced and disseminated it, and even accepted by the majority of the people who had fought because of it, as lies. To justify forcing the losers to pay the reparations and accept the territorial losses that are and were always and everywhere the true war aims of every nation involved in war. But wait. If we are talking about 'the winnner', then surely we are talking about the nation that made the 'territorial gains' and received the 'reparations', and went down in history as the 'victims' were required 'compensation', arent' we? Shouldn't we expect the winners of any war to display all these characteristics? So let us look at real 'hundred years war' we are currently engaged in. The World War that has so far been played out in two acts, called 'World War One' and 'World War Two'. (With the final climax coming soon, in the form of 'World War Three', and the installment of a one world government for the Cult of Judah, by the Cult of Judah, but we are getting ahead of ourselves). Now Russia and Germany and France and Great Britain all entered WWI with their own war aims of territorial gains and increased power for their Kings and Queens and Tzars. The American people had absolutely no interest in that fight. They had nothing to gain. Neither did the people of Germany, France, Russia, and Britain. However a relatively small group of people had manufactured a world depression, and war offered millions of unemployed literally the only chance of employment, and of regaining their pride, self-worth, and simply putting a meal on the table for their wives and children. Who had manufactured this world depression? First lets see who the 'victors' of WWI were. For any nation to embark on war, they require finance. Someone must be willing to lend them the money to prosecute their war. Even with conscription, war is hellish expensive. New weapons and armaments need to be developed and mass produced very fast. Economic production must be diverted from consumer goods and services to wartime production. Wars have bankrupted every empire, and nation in history. Check your history books. Compare the 'world powers' of 2000 years ago with those of today. Go through decade by decade and be astonished to see world powers like Sweden, Lithuania, and Poland, emerge, then dissipate. You won't believe how large and agressive their empires were, when you look at a map today. Look at Italy, and compare it to the Roman Empire. The only real long term victor of war in human history are the financiers. The Bankers. The men who lend money to both sides of any conflict, at high interest, and thus are sure to have their debts recouped, with a windfall (as automatic) profit.

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