More actual eyewitness testimony of 'no planes' involved in 911

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    The ABC news helicopter 7 was filming the WTC when
    the supposed 'second plane hit'. But the pilot, Paul
    Smith, states that he did NOT see any plane. Only
    explosions. Listen carefully. Then watch the ACTUAL
    footage taken, before the CGI plane was added. Smith
    was killed in 2007 when a 'black car' hit his taxi. The
    cameraman John Del Giorno, live on air, stated 'I didn't
    see any plane fly into it. It simply exploded',
    contradicting the live news reporter who was insisting
    THEY had just seen an airplane fly into building 2. He
    assumes it must have been 'out of my line of sight'. But
    the ONLY way that could be possible would be if a plane
    had been flying in a straight line, directly towards the
    helicopter, but directly behind the WTC.
    The ABC cameraman in the
    helicopter at eye level with the WTC, is
    then told, by a news presenter watching
    HIS footage, shot from HIS point of view,
    that 'the plane came in from the right
    hand side of the screen'. But he's been
    watching the WTC at least a full minute
    before the supposed aircraft is
    mentioned, and HE never sees it?
    And this live eyewitness
    report on FOX News that
    there was NO 'second
    plane', there was a BOMB
    Of course the 'second plane' is the
    'narrative' continually interjected, so
    that everyone ASSUMES there must
    have been a 'first plane', when in fact
    the 'first plane' was a missile. I have
    photos of the engine of that missile.
    What happened to it? Like all the
    other 'evidence', simply sent to
    China to be 'recycled'

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