Aryan Christians could relate to the SELF sacrifice of Jesus

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    Jesus was a god-man the Germans and Nordics could relate to, like their own Odin, and Tyr, who both made great PERSONAL sacrifices...only the Levantine, cult of judah type religions sacrificed OTHERS, and used others as SCAPE-GOATS and SACRIFICIAL LAMBS... the WILLINGNESS to sacrifice even your own son is a CORE cult of judah value, beyond dispute, being THE DEFINING QUALITY of Judaism from the start, even before Jews had the power to GENOCIDE ENTIRE RACES OF OTHER PEOPLE'S, MOSES WAS SLAUGHTERING HIS OWN FOLLOWERS, 'JEWS'...AND SIX MILLION JEWS IN ISRAEL ARE SET TO BE OFFERED AS A BURNT SACRIFICE, A HOLOCAUST, BY THE CULT OF JUDAH, ANY DAY NOW
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