FD & C Colors – Why Approved Colors Are Better? - Video by Anil Kumar

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    Vinner Labs - https://www.vinnerlabs.com is a solution-oriented provider․ We provide products of high value and we specialise in the supply of functional and active ingredients for personal care, home care, hair dye intermediates, sun filter ingredients, FD&C pigments and dyes․ Through our sun care products, we are distinguished as one of the unique players in this niche segment of specialty chemicals from India and we also proved to be the best in the hair colour segment․ We consider ourselves as value-unlockers in a variety of personal care categories including beauty care, skin care, skin colour and hair care. For more detailed info and interesting facts on sunscreen ingredients, visit - https://www.vinnerlabs.com/brief-study-sunbest-hebtm-iscotrizinol/.

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