Kaiser - Never free from Misery  (Official Gothic Doom Metal Video)

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    Never free from Misery is a is a single release Official Gothic Doom Metal music video by Kaiser

    Track: Never free from Misery
    Artist: Kaiser
    Genre: Gothic Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock

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    From the day of birth
    We where already doomed

    Live has nothing to offer
    Only misery and pain
    There is no salvation found
    In the worship of idols you call god
    Until the final hour strikes
    There is no escape from doom
    No longer shall I beat this dead horse
    The end is so far in sight

    Life is so cruel
    All you love will die
    Live shows no mercy
    And death is your only end to pain
    Never free from misery
    I need not live for this
    The one wish that can never come true
    A life on this earth free from doom

    The misfortune that we suffer
    The disappointment is always the same
    When it dawns that we’ll never be free
    And life's frozen dagger twisting in our hearts
    There is no escaping this fate
    No matter how hard you try
    All dreams that I have once possessed
    Have faded to nothingness


    Till the day of death
    Gloom is ever present

    Life has taken everything from me
    All that’s given was taken away
    And any given paths explored
    Are doomed to fail from the very start
    And everyone I have ever loved
    One by one is being taken away from me
    For this I need not to exist
    May the end set me free


    Why is there something instead of nothing
    And why must it be so cruel
    Glimpses of bliss found in life
    At the cost of great suffering and sadness
    Since distant ancient times
    The world has always been a sad place
    To ever hope for anything more
    Is sure to disappoint

    Public video - 00:07:02


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