Dr. Paul Novak, Anthony Siega, Chris Blashko, Victoria Schmid, Eric Ooms, David Harrison: deadly and undisclosed

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      On April 12th 2018, Dr. Vyselaar, lead cardiologist of Vancouver's Lions Gate Hospital, confirmed that Dr. Paul Novak from Island Health, surreptitiously arranged catastrophic, undisclosed medical procedures in the Royal Jubilee Hospital cardiac ward, which were expected to harm or kill an unsuspecting patient.

      Dr. Vyselaar confirmed that Dr. Novak prevented the dying patient from receiving emergency surgery for 4 days thereafter, by omitting disturbing clinical findings from his medical notes, when the undisclosed procedures resulted in spiraling circulatory failure injuries.

      Dr. David Harrison from Saanich Medical center said that this wasn't an isolated incident, that Dr. Novak had 'done this before'.

      After 4+ years of lies, Dr. Novak's colleague, Dr. Anthony Della Siega has finally admitted to performing one of these very undisclosed procedures in 2015, after the commencement of a medical billing fraud investigation.

      By Canadian legal definition, undisclosed procedures constitute assault and battery.

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