It's better to clean a window than to break a window in childhood.Stand Out Get Noticed podcast

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    Christina Canters: For you, star, when did you first realize that this type of skill was so powerful? 

    Richard Blank: When I was a young man, I was, I was taught when you go over to a friend's house to wipe your feet and ask for permission and, and just. Know, your pleases and thank yous. And so instead of being known in elementary school as a bad child and not asked to come back, most of the parents said, you're one of the few friends I allow Christina to hang out with.

    And so, um, I realized that by being polite was better than cursing. It's better to clean a window than to break a window. And, you know, you could always grow up and, and, you know, live life and, and figure out the stupid things to do in your childhood. . But when I was in my twenties and individuals were going for job interviews and they were too well rehearsed, they would stumble upon themselves.

    Influence People Over The Phone With These Powerful Communication Techniques – with Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center [The C Method podcast Episode 283]

    Stand Out Get Noticed podcast guest Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center.

    The C Method podcast has accepted Richard Blank's invitation to join the audience for a solid discussion regarding moving abroad and starting a company from scratch in Costa Rica. Christina Canters discusses with Richard advanced telemarketing strategy, conflict management, interpersonal soft skills, customer support, rhetoric, gamification, employee motivation, phonetic micro expression reading and INXS.

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