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    Get cashflow from cryptocurrencies for free now: 
    The most transparent way to put your crypto to work. 

    With the DeFi Chain, we see the start of the DeFi ecosystem on Bitcoin, similar to the way Maker triggered the run on Ethereum.
     The future at Cake will then be to gradually decentralize the lending and staking services so that users not only have full transparency, 
    but also remain in control of their own private keys. If you want to be part of this, you should be part of it from the beginning and benefit by staking DFI on Cake.         

    Enter Cake DeFi – a fully transparent and regulated platform that offers 9% on BTC and 8% on ETH.
    -Masternode pools 
    Buy slices of masternode pools for a variety of coins to start earning proof-of-stake rewards. -
    Fine-grain share value 
    Buy as many or as few slices as you like, with no minimum offer. 
    Earning rewards is made easy with automatic real-time compounding. 
    Independently provable nodes. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. 
    -Two-factor authentication Secure your account with two-factor authentication. 
    -Freedom to come and go 
    Fully self-service buying and selling at any time. No need to contact us to sell your slices. 

    DFI is now available at Cake DeFi staking platforms. 
    Get DFI Token: 
    Now available at these exchange: 
    The DFI token is an integral unit of account in the DeFi blockchain. 
    The DeFi Foundation in Singapore will issue 1.2 billion DFI over its lifetime. 
    DeFi chain is a community project. There will be no public Initial Coin Offering. 

    Cake will keep focusing on their mission to bringing you cashflow from any type of blockchain asset 
    in the most transparent and most attractive way possible in order to build a one-stop platform for you 
    to manage all your finances in an automated AI-supported manner — be it crypto, real estate, stocks, gold, and much, much more.

    Cake DeFi is a Singapore based company focused on providing cash flow from various crypto assets. 
    For any questions, please contact us: 
    We are always looking for great engineers, designers and product managers. Preferably in Singapore but also remote. 
    Think you got what it takes, please apply: 

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