Forced 'updates' and 'passing the buck'

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    I just have to share this. My friend (still my friend as I self-censor my responses to him now that I realise he is a fully fledged cult thrall) wouldn’t help me get a Russian hacked version of windows with no ‘forced updates’. But I’ve made it a condition of me ever getting wi-fi at home. And he wants me to get that. But here’s the thing. He replied ‘Well if you want everyone to have access to your computer, go ahead’. You see, and I’ve repeated this to him over and over, but as a good cult thrall he just can’t HEAR it, the whole POINT of forced updates is to give WINDOWS and their Cult of Judah owners and operators and handlers complete, 24/7, access to my computer. I’m not worried about ‘the malice of the average hacker’. That is exactly HOW Windows managed to ‘sneak in’ their ‘Forced HACKS’ of YOUR computer. To terrify you into installing their software. Offered as ‘protection’ from some supposed malicious, independent, hackers. Windows probably sponsored a lot of the 'computer viruses' themselves, as 'false flags'. Like Nine Eleven and The Oklahoma City Bombing.
    The trick was to TERRIFY you into downloading and installing their spyware voluntarily. To make the decision easier, AT FIRST they let YOU have control of the software. YOU could decide if and when THEY had access to your hard-drive. It’s like the old ‘my body, by decision’ thing. My computer, my choice of what level of risk I am willing to live with. To take. How ironic that the same guy who tricked you using ‘Computer VIRUSES’ into installing software which is now MANDATORY and which you have NO CHOICE IN THE MATTER, and which gives WINDOWS 24/7 CONTROL OF YOUR COMPUTER, is using the same argument to FORCE you to ‘UPDATE’ your immune system with FORCED INJECTIONS. Bill Gates, in case that isn't clear already.
    So first point, that my friend can totally NOT HEAR my entire point about removing forced updates. THAT I DO NOT LIKE BEING HACKED AND DO NOT TRUST THE PEOPLE HACKING ME. He assumes ‘the threat’ is ‘malicious general public’. I know the REAL THREAT to be MALICIOUS OCCUPIED GOVERNMENTS AND CORPORATIONS LIKE WINDOWS, AND THEIR AGENTS.
    The second point is that CLEARLY the next thing my friend will ‘argue’ is exactly what the whole ‘forced update’ and ‘mandatory injections’ plan was from the start. First you TERRIFY people with full spectrum propaganda about ‘viruses’ in general. You pump up the fear every now and then with some ‘novel’ virus. Computer virus for ‘anti-virus security software’. Human viruses for what they call ‘vaccines’. So that a lot of people, terrified by the propaganda, the terror propaganda, are SO terrified that they are willing to PAY to be injected or for ‘software’. Then when all those people are ‘captured’ in the net, the next stage is to ‘make the software FREE’ to encourage more people to install it. Make the ‘injections’ free, to encourage more people to submit to them. Then you’ve captured the next layer of victims in your net.
    Now all that remains is for the last ‘free swimmers’ to be ‘rounded up’. How to do this? For they have proven resistant to the previous attempts to trick them into installing spyware (under the guise of ‘anti-virus security software’) and submitting to injections of ‘dog knows what’, under the guise of 'vaccines' to 'protect you from those invisible demons called 'viruses' which, like naturally occurring warts and 'hooked noses', are natural and normal, in this case products of your own healthy immune system operation, and not 'signs of POSESSION by evil spirits or demons', or 'proof that you are a WITCH'.
    TERROR worked before. It can work again. Only TERROR WITH A TWIST this time. You DECLARE, with zero scientific basis, or statistical evidence to support you, or even any logic or coherent, let alone COMPELLING, argument, that those ‘recalcitrant’ (to quote now alleged necrophiliac pedophile Prime Minister Paul Keating), stubborn, people who REFUSE the obvious advantages offered by ‘anti-virus software and injections’ pose a SEVERE RISK TO ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO HAVE SO FAR SEEN REASON AND ACCEPTED THE ‘ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE AND INJECTIONS’. They will simply DECLARE that, ‘PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE WINDOWS ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE, OR HAVE NOT SUBMITTED TO THE INJECTIONS, PLACE THOSE WHO DID AT RISK. RISK OF ‘HACKING’. EVEN RISK OF DEATH!
    So I have every reason to expect to hear this same specious sophistry from my friend, in the near future. In defense of ‘democratically elected government’ , and thus ‘the will of the people’, deciding that I SHOULD NOT HAVE CONTROL OVER WHAT IS INSTALLED ON MY COMPUTER OR PHONE, NOR INJECTED INTO MY BODY.
    You see, it is all ‘FOR THE GREATER GOOD’. So they ALWAYS say. For everything from torture to secret testing of weapons on your own population, to war, and ‘concentration camps’.

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