basic easy listening karaoke version of 'Requiem for America'

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    cognitive neuroscience demonstrated what David Hume explained...that if you get people to DO something they will rationalise it to themselves i.e make up self-compelling reasons for continuing to do it... which is what 'facemasks' are ALL about...nothing to do with 'health'...all about mind control...'lock-step' compliance with arbitrary 'laws', just as in ANY cult...see the Mosaic law for an example, or today's 'covid-19(84)' 'restrictions for a modern day example...see my books for the PROOF of what I am stating here :D :// FOR FULL TROONATNOOR IMPRINT AT NO COST TO YOU CHECK IT OUT PERMACULTURE AUDIO ENGINEERING VOCAL TRAINING PHILOSOPHY VEGAN DIET LUCID DREAMING NOVELS REAPER DAW GUIDE AND MUCH MUCH MORE

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