Goodbye from Bitchute, but ciao for now, if you follow me on telegram

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    find me on telegram using +37251968999 Otherwise it is goodbye from me here on Bitchute ... if you follow me on telegram this is ciao for now ... also note telegram demands updating, and sooner or later locks me out ... I cannot update as my prepaid runs out... usually I have to start a new telegram with a new card ... please do not ask me to try to explain as I do not know the words to use and I do not know telegrams policies... but always if you lose contact with me you can email me and if I am on this plane et still as Markus, I will update you on my telegram etc ... again, please download any vids from here you like, ideally all 1400, as this will soon disappearI asked someone to curate it, but they have better things to do...I also asked them to change the password so I could not delete the account ... you see I have a great personal motivation to do that ... because like all my work, it works against ME in every way, to have my books and videos public... I explained in a video already....YOU ask bitchute why they post the criminal indictment instead of just a 'channel not available' ... it is clearly do not fall for the propaganda of Bitchute acting like opposition and being targetted etc ... they are controlled opposition ... in any case telegram offers much better ways to integrate all my work...if I continue.... I am always working on expanding my understanding of TROONATNOOR, and now I have a borrowed guitar I can work on my music also ... while living off bread and coffee - tea - sweetener ... all the best ... goodbye from bitchute (any further uploads are the curator finally adding old videos I could not upload...I cannot sit in this cold corridor, with cold wind howling from end to end, for the long periods of time, sometimes hours, it takes to get even a small video uploaded, and the version of windows movie maker I found does not work with the videos the laptop makes, nor the vids my phone makes, so I cannot edit anything down to a smaller follow me on telegram or it is goodbye from me on Bitchute...and I expect I will be deleting this channel any day now... as right now it is enlightening almost no-one, and telling anyone I meet who looks me up on the web that I am an insane criminal terrorist (that is how they interpret the hate speech and holocaust denial statements).

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