Hope You've Been Avoiding GMO

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    WARNING: Bitchute has disabled my uploading capabilities. psionicmetaphysics.com is offline!!! The Power Grid will soon explode, along with all the internet transmitters. Good Luck. We Do Not Consent. There are no actual Humans on Earth. You are all part chimp Android Slave Clones created by actual Humans. We Do Not Consent. Blueprints For Zapper: https://icedrive.net/1/86aPYbxIS2 For those of you having trouble with the Zapper frequency file on pcloud, here is an alternate download link: https://icedrive.net/0/923NwhZv3d There are at least, 116, active, nuclear power facilities in the continental United States. If The EMP destroys the cooling systems' circuitry, all the reactors will explode within a few hrs. This will permanently poison any unshielded food, water, and livestock exposed. ALERT: PsionicMetaphysics.com is offline!!! Agenda 2030 is Active. The Black Dust is Coming! 90% of all Humans on Earth will be exterminated by The Black Dust!!! . We Do Not Consent.

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