5 Steps of a Phone Call. Build & Balance sales guest Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center.

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    Richard Blank: The client loves anything else that you would add. If you're willing to walk through a little journey with me and close 

    your eyes, I can give you from the beginning to an end of a five minute phone call. I'll walk you through some steps. I'll make it easy for you. It's 

    not advanced because once you see it, You'll never 

    unsee it.

    And so just allow me just to share some things that I've noticed in the years, that once again will not compromise your ethics values or morals, but I will teach you something today where you'll be able 

    to note 

    when you need more clarification from somebody. All right. Everybody let's begin. This is the way I believe.

    The average attention span is 30 seconds to two minutes. So let's just use this as the base of thought. All right. Every conversation has an introduction, a body and a conclusion. But if you think about it, if you don't land the intro, your body and conclusion don't even exist. So let's not even think about that.

    We'll just go on the momentum from just your introduction. We'll focus on that. We mentioned calling companies before, and let's just assume Michael, that the contact ratio is higher than 4%. You're getting calls. You're contacting people. A lot of telemarketers or prospectors will ask people how they're doing.

    Initially. I prefer, since you have the first chance to speak, use your anonymity. To your advantage, don't be anonymous. The whole call that's shady, but you're allowed to say something the first time. I'm not saying my name. I'm saying the name of your company. I'm gonna ask. How's build I balance doing today.

    you know, I'm gonna say something like that because obviously Michael's 

    doing great and his company's doing great. 

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